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Beacon Yoga Fees

Click here to purchase Yoga Classes Online!

As a Not-for-Profit Charity, we are not driven by the normal commercial priorities to make profits. In this regard, we are pleased to be able to provide lower rates across the board for hatha yoga classes at our Ashram. This will remain so and in fact there is no increase in fees for single classes per week and casuals; however, there is need to increase the rates for multiple classes from the vastly reduced levels of the last few years. We believe that the new rates are still well below competitors.        Please refer to the chart below:

Classes Standard Cost  Concession/Member Cost
One class per week $105  $85
Two classes per week $175 $147
Unlimited classes $230 $195
Casual per class $18 $15
Prana Pass

Purchase Nine classes and get one Free! valid for 3 months

$162 $135

Class prices are for our 8 week terms - see dates below
Our concession rates apply to Low Income card holders.  Our Annual Membership fee is $60 (1st Jan to 31st Dec). Join as "A Friend of the IYA" and receive discounts throughout the year, or for 6 mths from the 1st July for $30.

If your health cover provides rebates on yoga class fees contact our office (9335 9339) for an update on those classes which allow for this or email us at info@sivanandaashram.org.au

Click here to find out how to become a Friend of the I.Y.A.  or  purchase a PRANA PASS

Yoga Term Dates for 2018

 Term  Start Date
End Date
Monday: 15 January
Saturday: 10 March
Monday: 12 March  Saturday: 5  May
 3 Monday: 7 May Saturday: 30 June
 4 Monday: 2 July  Saturday: 25 August
Monday: 27 August Saturday: 20 October 
Monday: 22 October Saturday: 15 December




















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